Name: Vanessa Robson
Medium: Jewellery

All the ceramic beads, buttons and pendants in the jewellery are hand crafted by Vanessa.

She uses different clays which she models and moulds into the various shapes. These are then biscuit fired in a kiln and are then ready to hand paint with glazes in gorgeous colours, patterns, and designs. They are then over glazed, to produce a glossy finish, and fired again. Also she uses Egyptian paste combined with pigments to produce raw organic shapes.

The beads and shapes are combined with Swarovski crystals, vintage glass beads, hand made glass beads, semi precious stones, mother of pearl, silver, textiles, suede, leather and anything else she can think of!

Each piece of jewellery is unique, all its components are handmade, recycled, or found and then combined to produce interesting and eclectic pieces

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