Name: William Spears
Medium: Photography

Before becoming interested in photography Bills main passion was competitive motocross racing. When an injury forced him out of the sport he took to following it with a camera instead. After some time and many colour snapshots of motorbikes later he moved on and became interested in fine monochrome photography and printing.
Completely self taught and always the purist, Bill prefers the traditional approach to photography. This involves many long hours in the darkroom working with light sensitive materials, processing and printing each image individually by hand.
Inspiration from his work comes from a lifelong love affair with the sea and the Cornish coastline. Having worked previously as a commercial fisherman and also being a keen scuba diver gives him a very close and personal connection to his subjects.
All of Bills photographs are printed onto the best quality fibre-based papers with full archival processing. The prints are treated in Sepia, Selenium or Gold toners for image enhancement and archival protection. Bill also does all the mounting and framing himself, a time consuming task which shows his true passion and dedication to his chosen craft. The result is a piece of work which is truly hand made from start to finish and is of incredibly high quality.

In 2006 Bill won printer of the year and first prize in the still life catagory in Black and White Photography Magazines yearly competion. He also won runner up in the portfolio and landscape catagories.

Unframed mounted photograph. Porth Nanvern.
Dimensions: 12


Framed Photograph. Pollack Heads.

Framed Photograph: Rocks.
Dimensions: 12.5"x12.5"

Framed Photograph: Shingle II.
Dimension 12.5


Framed Photograph: Gurnard.
Dimensions: 16